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Mohun Bagan is an Indian I-League football club Situated in Kolkata. It is one of the oldest football clubs in Asia, having been established in 15th august 1889. From the birth of Mohun Bagan club, is not only organizing a football club but a step forward towards promoting a patriotic feeling, an awakening spirit in Bengali hearts.

"Jegeche aaj desher chele pathe loker bhir"
"Antopure futlo hasi banga-rupasir"
"Goal diyeche gorar gole bangalir aaj jeet"
"Akash cheye uthche udhao unmadonar geet"
"Aajker ei bijoy bani bhulbe nako desh"
"Sabbash sabbash Mohun Bagan khelecho bhai besh"

Mohun Bagan is not only a club, it is a National Institution, The Mohun Bagan Sporting was named by the eminent lawyer Bhupendranath Basu. The Basu family, the Mitra family, and the Sen family bestowed equal efforts towards the Formation of the club. The first meeting of the club presided by Basu himself, was held at his residence at 14,Balaram Ghosh Street of North Kolkata. That historical day witnessed the presence of many distinguished persons who were involved in many social reforms. Among them were -

  • 1.Bhupendra Nath Basu
  • 2.Jyotindra Nath Basu
  • 3.Maharaja Durga Charan Laha (Maharaja of Shyam Pukur)
  • 4.Maharaja Rajendra Bhup Bahadur (Maharaja of Coochbehar)
  • 5.Monilal Sen
  • 6.Jyotindra Nath Mitra
  • 7.Sir Bhupendra Nath Mitra
  • 8.C.C Dutta (I.C.S)
  • 9.Ram Goswami
  • 10.Hem Nath Sen (better known as Fonbabu)
  • 11.Girin Basu
  • 12.Roybahadur Chunilal Basu
  • 13.Upen Ghosh
  • 14.Manomohan Pandey
  • 15.Dr.Manindra Nath Basu
  • 16.C.K Sarkar (Architect)
  • 17.Pramatha Nath Chattopadhyay
  • 18.Sir Brajendralal Mitra
  • 19.Satish Chandra Mitra
  • 20.Susheel Chandra Mitra
  • 21.Sarat Chandra Mitra
  • 22.Sir Nripendra Nath Sarkar
  • 23.Sir Prabhash Mitra
  • 24.Dr.Ganendra Nath Mitra
  • 25.Prafulla Basu
  • 26.Prabhash Basu
  • 27.Hriday Krishna Ghosh
  • 28.Sir Rajendra Nath Mukhopadhyay
  • 29.Major S.K Ghosh (I.C.S)

The first ground of the Club known as Mohun Bagan Villa. It was situated at Fariapukur street of north Kolkata near Shyambazar. The football ground was not sufficiently large for Playing Match .But Mohun Bagan played the first match on that small ground against the students of Eden Hindu hostel. The players of the initial team included.

  • 1.Girin Basu
  • 2.Pramatha Nath Chattopadhyay
  • 3.Sachin Bandhyopadhyay
  • 4.Ram Goswami
  • 5.Sarat Mitra
  • 6.Hem Nath Sen (Fonbabu)
  • 7.Nalin Basu
  • 8.Upen Ghosh
  • 9.Manindra Nath Basu
  • 10.Manilal Sen
  • 11.Manomoham Pandey
  • 12.Probhas Mitra

Mohun Bagan won its first trophy Coochbehar Cup, in the year 1904,More Than 100 years ago. In the year 1905 Mohun Bagan won again of the Coochbehar Cup and Gladstone Cup . At the final of Gladstone Cup, Mohun Bagan defeated Dalhousie (winner of 1905,s IFA Shield) by 6 - 1 . From 1906 to 1908 Mohun Bagan Created new record by winning the Trades Cup for consecutive 3 times. In that time, Trades Cup was the One of the most prestigious tournament after IFA Shield.

The first opportunity for Mohun Bagan came in 1909 to participate in IFA Shield. At that time, the participation in IFA shield itself was an honour because not all teams were allowed to avail the opportunity Then came the year 1911, one of the Great memorable years, in the Indian football History. Mohun Bagan reached the final of IFA Shield after defeating St. Xavier’s in the first round, by 3 -0, Rangers in the second round by the same score, Rifle Brigade in the third round by 1 -0 and Middlesex Regiment in the Semifinal. 1st day of semifinal was a draw.But finally Mohun Bagan reached final after victory by 3 -0 against Middlesex Regiment. In the 29th of July 1911 Mohun Bagan created history by becoming the first Indian club to win the IFA Shield against East Yorkshire Regiment by defeating them 2–1. In that Historic Match the Mohun Bagan players playing in barefoot while East Yorkshire Regiment played with proper footballing equipments.

And those outstanding 11 players of the final match were
  • 1.Hiralal Mukherjee(Goal)
  • 2.Bhuti Sukul(Back)
  • 3.Sudhir Chatterjee(Back)
  • 4.Monmohun Mukherjee(Back)
  • 5.Rajen Sengupta(Back)
  • 6.Nil Madhav Bhattacharya (Half back)
  • 7.Kanu Roy (Forward)8.Habul Sarkar(Forward)9.Abhilash Ghosh (Forward)
  • 10.Bijoydas Bhaduri(Forward) 11.Shibdas Bhaduri(Forward)

In 1914, Mohun Bagan was given the opportunity for the first time to take part in Calcutta Football League’s Second Division.

In 1925, as the first ever Indian team, Mohun Bagan created another history by getting invitation for playing in the Durand Cup, which was not a military team. In that years only British had the sole right to participate in the Durand Cup.

In 1947, Mohun Bagan added another glory to Club’s credit when Mohun Bagan again won the IFA Shield. In the same year Club won the Calcutta Shield also by defeating East Bengal. After independence, Mohun Bagan is the first club to win IFA Shield.

On 1948’s 22nd August, Mohun Bagan again won the IFA Shield by beating Bhabanipur Club. In 1954, Club won the double crown for the first time by winning the League Championship and IFA Shield by beating Hyderabad XI. Another glorious moment was when Mohun Bagan beat the Gresers Club from Austria by 2 - 1. In the same year, Mohun Bagan beat the visiting Afghan National Team by 3 -0.

1956 was a memorable year for the club. In this year, Mohun Bagan lifted the Rovers Cup for the first time.
In 1960 Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta Football League and IFA Shield & the Durand Cup as well.
In 1963 Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta Football League and Durand Cup.
In 1965 Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta Football League and Durand Cup.
In 1966 Mohun Bagan won the Rovers Cup in Mumbai.
In 1967 Mohun Bagan won the IFA Shield.
In 1968 Mohun Bagan won the Amritbazar Centenary Cup and Rovers Cup.
In 1969 Mohun Bagan won the Calcutta Football League and IFA Shield.
In 1976, Club once again won in various tournaments including First Division League, IFA Shield, Rover’s Cup (jointly), Bordului Trophy and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup of Darjeeling.

In 1977, Club won IFA Shield, Durand Cup, Rover’s Cup and Bordolui Trophy.
On 22nd September, due to the efforts of Dhiren Dey, Mohun Bagan invited Cosmos Club of United States for an exhibition match with the Club. Famous football king Edson Arantos Jo Nasimanto – Pele came to Kolkata along with many players of international fame, like Alberto of Brazil, Jinarjio Chinaglia of Italy, Keith, Edi, Charlie, Atken and Mike Dillon of England, Ramon Mifin of Peru, Wernarroth and Ditomir Dimitri Jevich of Yugoslavia, Erol Yasin from Turkey and some players of Canada and United States. The match took place in Eden Gardens on 24th September where about 80,000 spectators gathered along with existing Chief Minister of West Bengal, Jyoti Basu and many other ministers.

In 1978, Club won First Division League, IFA Shield, Federation Cup, Durand Cup, and Sait Nagji Trophy of Calicut. In the same year, Club defeated East Bengal by scoring a spectacular goal by Shyam Thapa in the IFA Shield final.

In 1979, club won First Division League, IFA Shield, Durand Cup and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup of Darjeeling.

In 1980, Club won Federation Cup (Joint) with East Bengal. Later this year Mohun Bagan won the Durand Cup at Delhi.

In 1981,Club shows good performance as Mohun Bagan won IFA Shield (Joint), Federation Cup, Nagji, and Rovers Cup.
In 1982, Club won IFA Shield, Durand Cup (Joint), Federation Cup and Gorkha Brigade Gold Cup.
In 1983, Club won First Division League.
In 1984, Club won First Division League, Durand Cup, Bordului Trophy, and Governor’s Gold Cup (Sikkim).
In 1985, Club won Duarand Cup, Governor’s Gold Cup (Sikkim) and Rovers Cup.
In 1986, Club won First Division League, Durand Cup, Federation Cup and Governor’s Gold Cup (Sikkim).
In 1987, Club won IFA Shield and Federation Cup.
In 1993, Club became the Champion of India by winning Federation Cup Again. This year, team also lifted the All Airlines Gold Cup for the second time.
In 1994, Club won Calcutta Football League, Durand Cup, Federation Cup and Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup . This year a Mohun Bagan set a record by winning the Championship of India – Federation Cup tournament for the 3rd time in three consecutive years.
In 1998 Mohun Bagan won the triple by winning the IFA Shield, Federation Cup and the National Football League for the first time.
In 1999, Club won the IFA Shield and Sanghati Cup at Kolkata.

In Year 2000, club touches the sky as it wins Sikkim Governor’s Gold Cup, All Airlines Gold Cup, Durand Cup, Rovers Cup and National Football League. The Magic of Mohun Bagan striker, Brazillian ball charmer Barreto (Jose Lui Ramirez Barreto)
In 2007 Mohun Bagan won the Indian Super Cup by defeating Dempo S.C. by a score of 4-0.
Then one year later in 2008 Mohun Bagan players got the opportunity to play against German international, Oliver Kahn in his official testimonial for FC Bayern Munich. Along with Kahn, stars like Ze Roberto and Mark van Bommel were present in the Bayern team The match was played on May 27, 2008 at Salt Lake Stadium.

Technical DirectorSanjoy Sen
Chief CoachShankarlal Chakraborty
Goalkeeping coachArpan Dey
Physical TrainerDjair de Miranda Garcia
PhysiotherapistAbhinandan Chatterjee
MarqueePierre Boya (Cameroon)
GoalkeeperShilton Paul( C )
Monotosh Ghosh
Debjit Majumder
Vinay Singh
Laltu Mandal
DefenderKinshuk Debnath
Pritam Kotal
Shouvik Ghosh
Dhanachandra Singh
Deepak Devrani
Anwar Ali
Bello Razaq
Sukhen Dey
Suman Hazra
Pratik Chaudhari
MidfielderRam Malik
Ujjal Howladar
Lalkamal Bhowmick
Souvick chakraborty
Pankaj Moula
Sehnaj Singh
Tirthankar Sarkar
Katsumi Yusa (Japan)
Manish Bhargav
Adarsh Tamang
Bikramjit Singh
Randeep Singh Hundal
Forward JejeLalpekhlua
Sabeeth Satyan
Balwant Singh
Prakash Roy
Sony Norde (Haiti)

Match HistoryYear and Position
I-League Runners-up (1): 2008–09
National Football League (until 2006) Winners (3): 1997–98, 1999–2000, 2001–02
Runners-up (1): 2000–01
Federation Cup Winners (13): 1978, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1986, 1987, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1998, 2001, 2006, 2008
Runners-up (5): 1997, 1983, 1985, 2004, 2010
Indian Super Cup Winners (2): 2007, 2009
Runners-up (2): 1998, 1999
IFA Shield Winners (22): 1911, 1947, 1948, 1952, 1954, 1956, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1967, 1969, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1981, 1982, 1987, 1989, 1998, 1999, 2003
Runners-up (15): 1923, 1940, 1945, 1949, 1951, 1958, 1965, 1972, 1974, 1975, 1984, 1986, 1994, 2000, 2004, 2006

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