18 October 2015 :

Indian Super League 2015 : Delhi Dynamos FC 1-0 Kerala Blasters FC (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Kochi - Full Time)

Delhi Dynamos FC : Toni Doblas, Zodingliana Ralte, Francis Fernandes, Anderson Sebastiao Cardoso (Chicao), Hans Mulder, Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos (Gustavo), Robin Singh, Florent Malouda, Souvik Chakraborty, Anas Edathodika, John Arne Riise.

Kerala Blasters FC : Stephen Bywater, Carlos Marchena, Cavin Lobo, CK Vineeth, Victor Herreco Forcada(Pulga), Chris Dagnall, Manandeep Singh, Marcus Williams, Rahul Bheke, Peter Ramage, Sandesh Jhingan.

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90'+3': Full Time Score. Delhi Dynamos FC 1-0 Kerala Blasters FC.

90'+2': Francis Fernandes OUT Shylo Malsawmtluanga IN.

90'+1': Florent Malouda searching for another goal but his shot went over the crossbar.

90': Three minutes time added.

87': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for Delhi Dynamos FC by Richard Gadze by a brilliant header.

85': Robin Singh now with the ball and attack but ball went over the crossbar.

83': Yellow card shown to CK Vineeth for an illegal tackle.

82': Free kick for Delhi Dynamos FC now cleared.

80': Ten minutes left to end scheduled time. Still score 0-0.

77': Anas Edathodika's throw and Peter Ramage's header send the ball out.

75': Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos OUT Richard Gadze IN.

74': Bruno Perone's long pass towards Rahul Bheke but John Arne Riise is here to deal with it.

72': Francis Fernandes forward pass cleared by Bruno Perone.

70': Delhi Dynamos FC earns corner but cleared.

67': Robin Singh's poor touch failed to score.

65': Florent Malouda's corner kick cleared.

62': Gustavo Marmentini to Florent Malouda but before Florent Malouda take any action Peter Ramage cleared it.

60': Hans Mulder pass to Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos. Gustavo Marmentini now attack but Stephen Bywater swiftly cleared the danger.

58': Goal by CK Vineeth for Kerala Blasters FC. Referee said he was offside goal.

56': Sanchez Watt to CK Vineeth to Rahul Bheke. Rahul Bheke now attack but ball goes wide.

54': Sandesh Jhingan block Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos dangerous movement.

52': Sandesh Jhingan foul to Hans Mulder. Free kick for Delhi Dynamos FC now cleared.

51': Carlos Marchena OUT Bruno Perone IN.

50': Florent Malouda and Gustavo Marmentini combined attack in 2nd half but failed to score.

47': Manandeep Singh OUT Ishfaq Ahmed IN.

46': 2nd half starts. Chris Dagnall OUT Sanchez Watt IN

45'+2': Half Time . Score now Delhi Dynamos FC 0-0 Kerala Blasters FC.

45'+1': Gustavo Marmentini's pass to Florent Malouda whose touch went wide.

45': Two minutes time added.

43': Sandesh Jhingan attempt a long shot but ball went over the crossbar.

42': Souvik Chakraborty foul to CK Vineeth. Free kick for Kerala Blasters FC now cleared.

40': Peter Ramage's movement blocked by Delhi Dynamos FC defense.

39': What a miss. Robin Singh missed a chance to score.

37': Gustavo Marmentini to Florent Malouda combined attack but Marcus Williams cleared the danger.

35': Match going to very slow peace. Still no Score from both end.

33': Free kick for Delhi Dynamos FC now cleared.

32': CK Vineeth pass to Manandeep Singh. Manandeep Singh now attack but Toni Doblas cleared it well.

30': Brilliant performance seen by Rahul Bheke from Kerala Blasters FC.

27': Manandeep Singh's header straight to Delhi Dynamos FC keeper hand.

25': Victor Herreco Forcada pass to Chris Dagnall but he was offside in position.

22': Gustavo Marmentini now with the ball and attempt a shot towards Kerala Blasters FC goal post but Stephen Bywater swiftly cleared the danger.

20': Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos foul to Victor Herreco Forcada. Free kick for Kerala Blasters FC now cleared.

19': Rahul Bheke's pass to Chris Dagnall. Chris Dagnall now attack but John Arne Riise cleared it well.

17': Zodingliana Ralte OUT Snehaj Singh IN.

15': John Arne Riise foul to Chris Dagnall.

14': Francis Fernandes corner kick cleared.

12': Florent Malouda and Francis Fernandes combined attack but failed to score.

10': Peter Ramage's long pass towards Victor Herreco Forcada but ball went over the crossbar.

7': Chris Dagnall to CK Vineeth. CK Vineeth's shot went over the crossbar.

5': Souvik Chakraborty's pass to Gustavo Marmentini but Stephen Bywater collect it before Gustavo Marmentini take any action.

4': Cavin Lobo's movement this time blocked by Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos.

2': Cavin Lobo's powerful shot straight to Toni Doblas. He saved well.

1': Kerala Blasters FC first kick the ball and start.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': Match going to start in few seconds.

0': Match start from 07:00 PM.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

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