14 October 2015 :

Indian Super League 2015 : Delhi Dynamos FC 2-1 FC Pune City (Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium, Pune - Full Time)

Delhi Dynamos FC : Toni Doblas, Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos, Shylo Malsawmtluanga, Hans Mulder, Florent Malouda, Souvik Chakraborty, Zodingliana Ralte, Robin Singh, John Arne Riise, Anderson Sebastiao Cardoso (Chicao), Anas Edathodika.

FC Pune City : Steve Simonsen, Diego Colotto, Manish Maithani, Lenny Rodrigues, Jackichand Singh, James Bailey, Kalu Uche, Wesley Verhoek, Dharmaraj Ravanan, Nicky Shorey, Gouramangi Singh.

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90'+8': Full Time Score. Delhi Dynamos FC 2-1 FC Pune City.

90'+7': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for FC Pune City by Kalu Uche.

90'+6': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for Delhi Dynamos FC by Richard Gadze.

90'+4': Tuncay Sanli last moment attack but his shot went wide.

90'+3': Free kick for FC Pune City now cleared.

90'+1': Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos OUT Richard Gadze IN.

90': Six minutes time added.

89': Dharmaraj Ravanan movement blocked by Souvik Chakraborty.

87': Vincius Ferreria's corner kick cleared.

85': Tuncay Sanli attempt a long shot but ball went over the crossbar.

82': Anderson Sebastiao Cardoso OUT Vincius Ferreria IN.

80': Ten minutes left to end scheduled time. Still Delhi Dynamos FC is leading.

78': Tuncay Sanli now try to equalize the game but his lost ball control.

75': Anas Edathodika block Eugeneson Lyngdoh's movement.

73': Eugeneson Lyngdoh first attempt but his shot went over the crossbar.

71': Jackichand Singh OUT Eugeneson Lyngdoh IN.

69': Florent Malouda now with the ball and attack but Steve Simonsen swiftly cleared the danger.

68': Shylo Malsawmtluanga OUT Sehnaj Singh IN.

65': Didier Zokora foul to Robin Singh.

64': Delhi Dynamos FC earns corner now cleared.

61': Yellow card shown to Anas Edathodika for an illegal tackle to Jackichand Singh.

60': James Bailey OUT Didier Zokora IN.

58': Jackichand Singh's kick and Kalu Uche's header cleared by Toni Doblas.

55': Tuncay Sanli wins ball from Souvik Chakraborty but his movement blocked by Delhi Dynamos FC defense.

52': Nicky Shorey's corner kick and Diego Colotto's header send the ball out.

50': Clash between Souvik Chakraborty and Jackichand Singh. Jackichand Singh down inside the ground.

48': Florent Malouda pass to Gustavo Marmentini dos Santos. Gustavo's shot went over the crossbar.

47': Wesley Verhoek OUT Tuncay Sanli IN.

46': 2nd half starts.

45'+3': Half Time . Score now Delhi Dynamos FC 1-0 FC Pune City.

45': Nicky Shorey's free kick swiftly cleared by Toni Doblas. Three minutes time added.

44': Yellow card shown to John Arne Riise.

43': Dharmaraj Ravanan foul to Florent Malouda. Free kick for Delhi Dynamos FC now cleared.

42': Gouramangi Singh try a long pass to Jackichand Singh but ball went out.

40': James Bailey attack from right but Hans Mulder cleared the danger.

38': John Arne Riise foul Kalu Uche. Free kick for FC Pune City now cleared by Anas Edathodika.

35': John Arne Riise wins the ball from Kalu Uche and attack but his shot cleared by FC Pune City defense.

32': Nicky Shorey's long shot hit the wall and goes out.

30': James Bailey's corner kick cleared by Delhi Dynamos FC defense.

28': Wesley Verhoek foul to John Arne Riise.

27': Dharmaraj Ravanan missed an open chance to score.

25': Florent Malouda searching for another goal but failed to score.

23': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for Delhi Dynamos FC by Robin Singh.

20': Free kick for FC Pune City now cleared.

17': Florent Malouda's close distance shot cleared by Manish Maithani.

15': James Bailey move forward with the ball and pass to Jackichand Singh. Jackichand Singh now attack but John Arne Riise cleared it well.

12': Jackichand Singh's shot straight to Delhi Dynamos FC keeper hand.

10': Nicky Shorey attempt a long shot, ball goes to Kalu Uche but before Kalu Uche take any action ball cleared.

6': Robin Singh's long shot went over the crossbar.

5': Robin Singh to Zodingliana Ralte. Zodingliana Ralte's shot cleared by Steve Simonsen.

2': Robin Singh to Gustavo Marmentini to Hans Mulder. Hans Mulder attack but ball cleared by FC Pune City defense.

1': FC Pune City first kick the ball and start.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': Match going to start in few seconds.

0': Match start from 07:00 PM.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

Kolkata Sports : Today is Delhi Dynamos FC vs FC Pune City Head to head at Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex Stadium, Pune. Stay with us at www.kolkatasports.com

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