16 September 2015 :

CFL Premier League 2015 : Aryan Club 0-0 Tollygunge Agragami (Barasat Stadium - Full Time)

Aryan Club : Priyant Sing, Pitambar Das, Suman Chandra Dey, Laltu Hembram, Kazeem Amobi, Sourav, Moses Louis, Asim Kumar Dey, Suman Malo, Subhankar Sana, Chattu Mondal.

Tollygunge Agragami : Jhantu Mondal, Hiralal Chetri, Mohan Sarkar, Jayanta, Surabaddin Mullik, Rajib, Dipendu, Sunil Kumar, Subhasish Roy Chowdhary, Uga Okpara, Fulchand.

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Kolkata Sports : Man of The match today is Subhankar Sana from Aryan Club Team.

90': Full Time Score. Aryan Club 0-0 Tollygunge Agragami.

85': Another attempt by Aryan Club but failed to score.

80': Last ten minutes left to end scheduled time. See what happens next.

75': Kazeem Amobi with the ball and move forward but his close shot missed the target.

70': Free kick for Aryan Club but cleared.

65': Suman Malo now with the ball and attack but ball went over the crossbar.

59': Free kick for Aryan Club but cleared.

54': Sunil Kumar to Dipendu. Dipendu attack but Priyant Sing swiftly cleared the danger.

50': Movement from Tollygunge Agragami by Uga Okpara but failed to score.

46': 2nd half starts. We are back to field head to head Aryan Club and Tollygunge Agragami.

Kolkata Sports : Half Time is running. Don't go any where. We will be back soon.

45': Half Time . Score now Aryan Club 0-0 Tollygunge Agragami.

43': Match going to very slow peace now.

40': Five minutes left to end first half. Still scoreline 0-0.

35': Uga Okpara shot straight to Aryan Club keeper hand.

30': Moses Louis now with the ball and attack but ball went over the crossbar.

25': Player change for Tollygunge Agragami. Subhasish Roy Chowdhary OUT Subodh Kumar IN.

20': Free kick for Aryan club but cleared.

15': Both team are playing well still scoreline 0-0.

7': Kazeem Amobi now attack but his shot straight to Tollygunge Agragami keeper.

1': Great start by Aryan Club.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': Few minutes more to start.

0': All players now worming up.

0': Match start from 3:30 PM.

0': I am Koushik at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

Kolkata Sports : Today is Aryan Club vs Tollygunge Agragami Head to head at Barasat Stadium. Stay with us at www.kolkatasports.com

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