11 August 2015 :

CFL Premier League 2015 : East Bengal 0-0 Aryan Club (East Bengal Ground, Kolkata - Full Time)

East Bengal : Luis Barreto, Mehtab Hossain, Harmanjot Khabra, Shylo Malsawmtluanga, Jiten Murmu, Do Dong-hyun,Shaheen Samad, Arnab Mondal,Bikash Jairu, Deepak Mondal, Robert Lalthlamuana.

Aryan Club : Priyant Sing, Laltu, Suman Malo, Kazeem, Suman, Chhatu,Stanley, Ashim, Sourav, Raju, Pritambar.

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Kolkata Sports : Man of The match today is Aryan Keeper Priyant Sing.

90'+5': Full Time Score. East Bengal 0-0 Aryan Club.

90'+3': What a awesome match today. Yet match goal less.

90'+1': Suman OUT Subhankar IN.

90': Five minutes time added.

88': Aryan change player. Stanley OUT Lwis IN.

87': Stanley last movement attack but Luis Barreto cleared the danger.

86': Free kick for Aryan Club but cleared.

85': Ranti Martins missed a chance to score. Priyant cleared his shot.

83': Penalty for East Bengal. 80': Last 10 minutes left to end scheduled time. See what happens next.

76': East Bengal 3rd change. Shylo Malsawmtluanga OUT Rafiqe IN.

74': Do Dong-hyun try to pass the ball to Ranti Martins but before Ranti Martins collect it blocked.

72': Again Do Dong-hyun attack but failed to score.

70': Both team play well. That's the reason score line still 0-0.

67': East Bengal hard play for score but still goal less.

65': Deepak Mondal's powerful shot cleared by Priyant.

64': Do Dong-hyun with the ball and move forward but his shot cleared inside Aryan defense.

62': Yellow card shown to Mehtab Hossain.

61': East Bengal 2nd Change. Jiten Murmu OUT Ranti Martins IN.

60': Aryan Club change. Raju OUT Tuhin IN.

58': Jiten Murmu missed a great opportunity to score for East Bengal.

56': Suman block Do Dong-hyun movement.

55': Do Dong-hyun now attacking more and more to Aryan sore.

53': Stanley with the ball and attack but Arnab Mondal is here to deal with it.

52': Aryan players now looks very attacking mode.

51': East Bengal change their player first.Bikash Jairu OUT Kevin Lobo IN.

50': Both team play well. One team attack another defense and goes on.

48': What a miss. Shylo Malsawmtluanga to Jiten Murmu.Jiten Murmu's header failed to score.

47': Jiten Murmu and Do Dong-hyun passes the ball each other and move forword.

46': 2nd half starts.

Kolkata Sports : Half Time is running. Don't go any where. We will be back soon.

45'+3': Half Time . Score now East Bengal 0-0 Aryan Club.

45': Three minutes time added.

44': Shylo Malsawmtluanga to Bikash Jairu. Bikash Jairu attack but brilliant save by Aryan keeper.

43': Mehtab Hossain try to pass the ball to Shaheen Samad but he missed.

40': Kazeem to Stanley. Stanley's very close shot cleared by Luis Barreto.

38': Yellow card shown to Ashim.

37': Mehtab Hossain's free kick straight to Aryan keeper.

35': Match is going to very slow peace. Last ten minutes to scheduled Half time.

34': Free kick for East Bengal but cleared.

32': Mehtab Hossain playing with his injury.

30': Bikash Jairu's corner kick cleared.

28': Do Dong-hyun to Harmanjot Khabra. Harmanjot Khabra attack but he missed the chance to score.

27': Do Dong-hyun long shot went over the cross bar.

25': Very hard situation here in the field. Score 0-0.

23': Suman Malo attempt a long shot but ball went over the cross bar.

22': Yellow card shown to Robert Lalthlamuana.

21': Mehtab Hossain seriously injured. Medical treatment needs inside the midfield.

20': What a miss. Stanley missed a chance to score.

18': This is the second match of East Bengal. Lats see what happens next.

17': Mehtab Hossain attack from left wing but his movement was block by Aryan defense.

16': East Bengal earns corner but cleared.

15': Both team are playing well that's the reason score line still 0-0.

12': Do Dong-hyun to Mehtab Hossain. Mehtab Hossain attack but Priyant cleared it well.

10': Free kick for East Bengal.

8': Stanley attempt a long shot but the ball went over the cross bar.

6': Kazeem attack from right wing but failed to score.

5': Stanley now attack for Aryan Club but Arnab Mondal swiftly cleared the danger.

4': Mehtab Hossain attempt a long shot but the ball went over the cross bar.

3': Free kick for East Bengal but cleared.

2': Pritambar with the ball and attack but Arnab Mondal cleared it well.

1': East Bengal players pass the ball each others.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': Few minutes more to start.

0': All players now worming up.

0': Match start from 3:30 PM.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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