02 June 2016 :

Asian Cup Qualification : India 1-0 Laos ( New Laos National Stadium, Vientiane - Full Time)

India : Gurpreet Singh, Holicharan, Sunil Chhetri, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Udanta Singh, Narayan Das, Arnab Mondal, Sandesh Jhingan, Rino Anto, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Mohammad Rafique.

Laos : Keodouangdeth, Souksavath, Kounvongsa, Souliyavong, Manolom Phomsouvanh, Sayavuthi, Maitee, Phimmasane, Phachanhtha, Phonsettha, Phoutthasay Khochalern.

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90'+2': Full Time Score. India 1-0 Laos.

90': Two minutes time added.

88': Mohammad Rafique OUT Alwyn George IN.

85': Mohammad Rafique now with the ball and move forward but his movement blocked by Laos defense.

81': Still Laos struggling. They searching for equalize.

80': Ten minutes left to end scheduled time. Still India leading.

79': Laos earns corner. Rino Anto cleared the corner kick.

75': Manolom Phomsouvanh attempt a long shot but Gurpreet Singh swiftly cleared the danger.

74': Maitee's dangerous movement blocked by Narayan Das.

71': Jeje Lalpekhlua OUT Sumit Passi IN.

68': Udanta Singh's shot straight to Laos keeper hand.

66': Rino Anto's pass to Sunil Chhetri whose shot went wide.

65': Arnab Mondal well tackle to Phachanhtha.

60': Maitee with the ball and attack but Sandesh Jhingan well tackle him.

57': India continuously attack to Laos sore.

54': GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for India by Jeje Lalpekhlua.

51': Arnab Mondal attempt a long shot but ball went wide.

50': From 2nd half India continuously attack to Laos sore.

47': Sunil Chhetri with the ball and attack but failed to score.

46': 2nd half starts.

45': Half Time. Score now India 0-0 Laos.

44': India earns corner. Narayan Das take the corner kick but cleared.

42': What a miss!! Eugeneson Lyngdoh missed a chance to score.

40': Last five minutes left to end first half. Still score 0-0.

39': Phoutthasay Khochalern attempt a long shot but ball went over the crossbar.

37': Ball possession India 66% and Laos 44%.

35': Eugeneson Lyngdoh to Udanta Singh whose shot missed the target.

32': Maitee's long free kick swiftly cleared by Sandesh Jhingan.

30': Corner kick missed.

29': Eugeneson Lyngdoh to Narayan Das but ball goes corner.

28': Foul to Udanta Singh. Free kick for India.

27': Phoutthasay Khochalern powerful shot went wide.

25': Maitee with the ball and attack but Mohammad Rafique cleared the danger.

22': Narayan Das well tackle to Laos attempt.

20': Sandesh Jhingan attempt a long shot but Keodouangdeth cleared the ball before Sunil Chhetri take any action.

17': Udanta Singh was in offside trap. 15': Phoutthasay Khochalern foul to Rafique. Sandesh Jhingan take the free kick but cleared.

12': Narayan throw in towards Jeje Lalpekhlua but before Jeje Lalpekhlua take any action ball cleared.

10': Throw in for Laos.

7': Jeje Lalpekhlua with the ball and attack but he was in offside trap.

5': Manolom Phomsouvanh attempt a long shot but failed to score.

1': India first kick the ball and start.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': Match going to start in few Minutes.

0': Match start from 5:00 PM IST.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

Kolkata Sports : Today India vs Laos Head to head at New Laos National Stadium, Vientiane. Stay with us at www.kolkatasports.com

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