11 June 2015 :

World Cup qualification 2018 : India 1-2 Oman (Sree Kanteerava Stadium, Bangalore - Full Time)

India : Subrata Paul, CK Vineeth, Sehnaj Singh, Lyngdoh, Jackichand Singh, Sunil Chhetri, Robin Singh, Rino Anto, Arnab Mondal, Dhanachandra Singh, Lalcchuanmawia Fanai.

Oman : Mukhainii, Al Khaldi, Qasim Said, Al Hosni, Al Farsi, Al Muqabali, Al Mukhaini, Al Musalami, Al Busaidi, Kano.

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90'+4': Full Time . Score now India 1-2 Oman.

90'+3': Arnab Mondal attempt a long shot in last minutes but failed to score.

90'+2': Lyngdoh to CK Vineeth but still failed to score.

90': Four minutes time added.

89': Al Farsi dangerous movement block by Arnab Mondal.

87': Al Khaldi OUT Al Farsi IN.

85': Still Oman attacking mode in last few minutes left.

84': Dhanpal Ganesh to Lalcchuanmawia. Lalcchuanmawia attack but Al Mukhaini cleared it well.

82': Robin Singh OUT Jeje Lalpekhlua IN.

80': Last ten minutes left to end scheduled time. Still India 1-2 Oman. See what happens next.

79': Dhanpal Ganeshan beat Saleh. Saleh is down but referee not interested it.

77': Medical treatment needs inside the midfield. Robin Singh is injured.

74': Jackichand Singh Out Seityasen Singh IN.

72': Oman still attacking to India shore.

70': Lyngdoh short pass goes to CK Vineeth but nothing happens.

68': Robin Sing missed to score. Offside Goal.

67': Al Hosani OUT Ibrahim Saleh IN.

66': Jackichand Singh attack but Qasim Said is here to deal with it.

64': Free kick for Oman.

62': Al Muqbali attack but Dhanachandra Singh swiftly cleared it.

60': Sehnaj Singh OUT Dhanpal Ganesh IN.

59': Dhanachandra Singh attempt a long shot but ball went over the cross bar.

57': Robin Singh and Sunil Chhetri combined attack but no score.

55': Al Khaldi's swing but Dhanachandra Singh send the ball out.

54': Free kick for Oman.

52': Al Busaidi shot straight to Subrata Paul.

50': Lalcchuanmawia's poor pass goes to Al Mukhaini but Dhanachandra Singh cleared it well.

48': CK Vineeth missed a chance to score.

47': Sehnaj Singh beat Qasim Said but Qasim Said block it.

46': 2nd half starts.

45'+2': Half Time . Score now India 1-2 Oman.

45'+1': Yellow card shown to Al Muqabali.

45': Yellow card shown to Al Hosani. Two minutes time added.

43': Eid Mohammed attack but Arnab Mondal head it out.

40': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Oman by Emad Al Hosani.

37': CK Vineeth beat Al Habsi but Al Habsi very strong to beat.

35': Qasim Said's another movement but Dhanachandra Singh block it well.

32': Al Khaldi try to pass the ball to Al Muqbali but before pass Arnab Mondal interfere it and cleared it.

31': Jackichand Singh pass the ball to Robin Singh. Robin Singh can't control the ball.

30': Rino Anto's free cleared by Al Musalami.

28': Eid Mohammed to Al Muqbali. Al Muqbali attack but Subrata Paul cleared it well.

26': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for India by Sunil Chhetri.

25': Yellow card shown to CK Vineeth.

24': Medical treatment needs inside the midfield. Al Mukhaini is injured and under treatment.

22': Free kick for Oman.

20': What a miss. Lyngdoh's swings missed by Arnab Mondal. Arnab Mondal missed a chance to score.

19': Oman attack more and more to India shore.

16': Eid Mohammed attempt a long shot but Lalcchuanmawia Fanai chest it and ball goes corner.

14': Again Qasim Said attempt a dangerous shot but Arnab Mondal cleared it well.

13': Kano with the ball and move forward and pass the ball to Al Muqbali. Al Muqbali attack but ball goes wide.

11': Al Mukhaini attack from right side but failed to score.

10': Al Muqbali with the ball and attack but Dhanachandra Singh block him well.

8': Free kick for Oman but cleared.

7': Robin sing with the ball and move forward but failed to score.

4': Al Hosni and Al Muqbali combined attack but Subrata Paul swiftly cleared the danger.

3': Sehnaj Singh try to pass the ball to Robin Singh but ball straight to Al Habsi.


0': Match Kick off now.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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