17 May 2015 :

iLeague : Bengaluru 3-1 Salgaocar (Bangalore Football Stadium, Bangalore - Full Time)

Bengaluru : Ralte, Vineeth, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Chhetri, Sean Rooney, Thoi Singh, Osano, Johnson, Walker, Lalchummawia, Shankar Sampingiraj.

Salgaocar : Karanjit Singh, Hasan Hussein, Lamare, Zakeer, Brian Mascharanas, Douhou Pierre, Darryl Duffy, Colaco, Augustin Fernandes, Kasonde, Gurjinder Kumar.

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90'+4': Full Time : Score Bengaluru 3-1 Salgaocar.

90'+2': Yellow card shown to Robin Singh.

90': Four minutes time added.

87': Udanta Singh attempt a shot but ball went over the cross bar.

85': Last five minute left to end schedule time. See what happens next.

84': Bengaluru earns corner but cleared.

82': Vineeth OUT Udanta Singh IN.

80': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Bengaluru FC by Osano.

78': Darryl Duffy OUT Clifton Dias IN.

76': Sean Rooney OUT Robin Singh IN.

73': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Bengaluru FC by Eugeneson Lyngdoh.

70': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Salgaocar by Darryl Duffy.

68': Zakeer Mundampara attack from 25 yards distance but Ralte cleared it.

66': Shankar Sampingiraj OUT Rino Anto IN.

63': Vineeth again attack but Kasonde is here to deal with it.

61': Gilbert Oliveira attempt a shot but ball went wide.

59': Chhetri beat Douhou Pierre and left him back but failed to score.

56': Douhou Pierre attack from right side but Ralte cleared the danger.

55': Free kick for Salgaocar.

53': Bengaluru FC continuous attack to Salgaocar sore. See what happens next.

50': Douhou Pierre's shot cleared by Ralte.

47': Brian Mascarenhas OUT Bikash Jairu IN. and Baleid OUT Gilbert Oliveira IN.

46': 2nd half starts.

45'+2': Half Time . Score now Bengaluru 1-0 Salgaocar.

45'+1': Again Douhou Pierre and Darryl Duffy combined attack but Osano manage it well.

45': Two minutes time added.

42': Again Vineeth attack but his shot cleared by Salgaocar defence.

40': Shankar pass the ball to Chhetri. Chhetri attack but Karanjit Singh cleared it.

37': Collision between Douhou Pierre and Johnson. Play pause few seconds.

33': Free kick for Bengaluru but cleared.

31': Yellow card shown to Lalchummawia.

28': Yellow card shown to Johnson.

25': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Bengaluru FC by Thoi Singh.

24': Salgaocar creating pressure on Bengaluru FC.

21': Free kick for Salgaocar but cleared.

19': A dangerous attack from Vineeth and Chhetri but Karanjit Singh any how cleared the denger.

16': Douhou Pierre and Darryl Duffy passes the ball each other and move forward but Osano and Johnson block them.

13': Shankar's shot is too accurate to Karanjit Singh. Karanjit Singh cleared it.

11': Medical treatment needs in the midfield, Augustin Fernandes is injured.

9': One Dangerous attempt from Salgaocar but ball straight to Bengaluru FC keeper.

7': Douhou Pierre with the ball and move forward but fails to any score.

5': Bengaluru earns first corner of the match.

3': Penalty appeal as Vineeth is down by Fernandes. No penalty given by referee.

1': Salgaocar starts with kick the ball.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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