08 May 2015 :

iLeague : Shillong Lajong 1-1 Bengaluru (Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Shillong - Full Time)

Shillong Lajong : Kunzang Bhutia, Milan Singh, Boithang, Penn, Uilliams Bomfin, Seminlen Doungel, Khelemba, Minchol, Tamang, Jibon, Zodingliana Ralte.

Bengaluru : Ralte, Shankar Sampingiraj, C.K. Vineeth, Sean Rooney, Chhetri, Rino Anto, Johnson, Osano, Chhuantea, Walker, Lyngdoh.

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90'+5': Full Time : Score Shillong Lajong 1-1 Bengaluru.

90'+4': Yellow card shown to Robin SinghRobin Singh.

90'+3': Yellow card shown to Shankar Sampingiraj.

90'+2': Zodingliana Ralte OUT Shaiborlang Kharpan IN.

90'+1': Penn attack and Johnson head the ball out.

90': Five minutes time added.

87': Durga Boro attack but Osano swiftly cleared the danger.

84': Boithang Haokip OUT Durga Boro IN.

83': Yellow card shown to Kunzang Bhutia.

80': Free kick Bengaluru FC but cleared.

78': Free kick by Pen but Gurtej cleared it.

75': Uilliams Bomfin attempt a long shot but ball went over the cross bar.

73': Robin Singh attack from right side but ball goes corner.

71': C.K. Vineeth OUT Udanta Singh IN.

70': Milan attempt a long shot but ball straight to Bengaluru FC keeper.

68': Now Penn with the ball to attack but nothing happens.

65': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Shillong Lajong by Uilliams Bomfin.

62': Penn shot directly at the hand of Bengaluru FC keeper.

61': Rino Anto OUT Gurtej Singh IN.

60': Lyngdoh missed a chance to score.

57': Ralte and Uilliams Bomfin combined attack but Johnson block them.

56': Yellow card shown to C.K. Vineeth.

55': A long ball from Shillong Lajong but Osano is here to deal with it.

51': Very poor attempt from Robin Singh.

50': Lyngdoh move with the ball find Chhetri but Milan Singh easily cleared the danger.

48': Uilliams Bomfin to Penn but before Penn take any action Johnson cleared it.

47': Sean Rooney OUT Robin Singh IN.

46': 2nd half starts.

45': Half Time . Score now Shillong Lajong 0-1 Bengaluru.

44': GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLL for Bengaluru by Sean Rooney.

43': Yellow card shown to Minchol.

41': Haokip attempt a long shot but ball went over the cross bar.

40': Last five minutes to Half Time. Score still 0-0.

39': Yellow card shown to Uilliams Bomfin.

38': Vineeth is in attacking mode but Kunzang Bhutia punch the ball and cleared.

35': Match goes very slow peace. Still score 0-0.

33': Chhetri try to pass the ball to Vineeth but Minchol cleared it well.

32': Bengaluru earns corner but cleared.

31': Sean Rooney header ball went over the cross bar.

29': Today Seminlen Doungel try very hardly. He again move forward but again Rino Anto block his movement.

25': Free kick for Shillong Lajong but cleared.

23': Shillong Lajong attack from right side, Ralte is down to dive and Johnson cleared it well.

20': Again Seminlen Doungel movement block by Johnson. Referee shows it Foul.

18': Shillong Lajong players now passes the ball to each other inside the midfield.

16': Vineeth try to pass the ball to Roony but Roony was offside in position.

14': Penn to Milan. Milan attack but Rino Anto cleared it well.

11': Uilliams with the ball and move forword but Johnson block him.

10': Free kick for Bengaluru FC but ball goes outside the goal post.

6': Uilliams shot straight to Bengaluru keeper.

3': Seminlen Doungel movement block by Rino Anto. Ralte collect the ball.

1': Free kick for Shillong Lajong.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': I am Ishika at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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