12 April 2014 :

iLeague : East Bengal 3-1 Pune FC (Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata - AT 5:00 PM - Full Time)

East Bengal : Abhra, Abhishek Das, Arnab, Raju, Robert, Khabra, Ralte, Sueoka, Chidi, Joaquim Abranches, Cavin.

Pune : Amrinder, Thorat, Calum, Gurjinder, Nicolau, Salam, Gabriel Fernandes, Izumi, Mustapha, Ramu, Tabia.

Referee: K. Singh.

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90'+4': Full Time : Score East Bengal 3-1 Pune.

90'+2': Pavolvic shot cleared by Abhra.

90': Four minutes times added.

89': Edeh Chidi Out Gurwinder Singh In.

88': East Bengal's corner cleared by Abhishek Das.

86': Free kick for Pune from right side.

84': Corner to Pune, Cleared.

82': Thorat kick goes wide.

80': Cavin Lobo Out Seminlen In.

79': Douhou Pierre Out Mumtaz Akhtar In.

77': East Bengal creates pressure on Pune in the field.

75': Good shot by Anthony, ball touches the side net.

73': Riga attack but Arnab cleared it well.

70': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Ralte. Score is East Bengal 3-1 Pune.

68': Joaquim Abranches Out Malswamtulunga In.

64': Gabriel Fernandes Out Anthony In.

62': Cavin long shot cleared by Amrinder.

60': Ralte's shot straight to Amrinder.

58': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Mirjan Pavlovic. Score is East Bengal 2-1 Pune.

55': Corner to East Bengal cleared.

53': Robert try to pass the ball to Chidi but Chidi not here.

50': Link up between Riga and Pavlvoic, and attack.

49': Multiple pass between Sueoka, Chidi, Khabra. Khabra attack but Amrinder cleared it.

47': Chidi can't control Ralte's pass.

46': We are back. Kick off for second half. Nicolau Out Mirjan Pavlovic In.

45'+2': Half Time : Now Score East Bengal 2-0 Pune FC.

45'+1': Again Ramu's kick block by Abhra.

45': Two minutes times added.

43': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Ralte. Score is East Bengal 2-0 Pune.

40': Ramu's kick block by Abhishek Das.

38': Again Chidi's shot goes wide.

37': Gabriel attack straight to Abhra.

35': Ralte cant't manage Chidi's pass.

33': Chidi's shot went wide.

30': Khabra's shot went wide.

28': Raju block Thorat kick.

27': Sueoka's pass block by Ramu.

25': Dengerous movement by Mustapha, Arnab cleared it well.

23': Slow play by Gabriel, No impact on game.

20': Robert pass Ralte, Ralte's shot goes to cross bar.

18': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Chidi. Score is East Bengal 1-0 Pune.

16': Joaquim shot straight to Amrinder.

14': Pune corner cleared.

9': Thorat attack but Arnab cleared it well.

6': Khabra's header, ball goes over.

5': Chidi can't pass the ball to Sueoka, he slips.

2': Free kick for East Bengal cleared in Pune box.

1': East Bengal attack. Cleared by Amrinder.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': All players now worming up. I am koushik at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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