05 April 2014 :

iLeague : East Bengal 3-1 Mohammedan (Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Kolkata - Full Time)

East Bengal : Abhra, Arnab, Robert, Abhishek Das, Sueoka, Cavin Lobo, Raju Gaikwad, Khabra, Abranches, Ralte, Chidi.

Mohammedan : Baretto, Taro, Penn, Josimar, Nabi, Luciano, Jerry Zirsanga, Nirmal, Manish, Mehraj, Monirul.

Referee: Pratap Singh.

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90'+4': Full Time : Score East Bengal 3-1 Mohammedan.

90'+2': Ralte's attack cleared by Baretto.

90': Edeh Chidi Out Gurwinder Singh In.Four minutes times added.

88': Penn attack but Arnab cleared it.

81': Jerry Zirsanga Out Gagandeep Singh In.

80': Abranches Out Baljit Sahni In.

77': Yellow card to Josimar.

75': Cavin Lobo Out Seminlen Doungel In.

73': Manish attack but Cavin Lobo cleared.

69': Raju failed to give any score for East Bengal. All efforts are wasted.

65': East Bengal now dominate Mohammedan in the field.

62': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Chidi. Score is East Bengal 3-1 Mohammedan.

59': Josimar spends long time with the ball.

58': Chidi with ball, pass to Ralte but Taro cleared it.

55': Taro's shot the ball, ball goes over the goal post.

53': Sueoka pass to Abhishek, poor shot by Abhishek.

50': Penn's shot was block by Arnab.

49': Long Kick by Raju, ball goes wide.

47': Ball overhit by Sueoka's kick.

46': We are back. Kick off for second half.

kolkatasports: Don't go any where we will be back soon.

45'+2': Half Time : Now Score East Bengal 2-1 Mohammedan.

45': Two minutes times added.

41': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Josimar. Score is East Bengal 2-1 Mohammedan.

39': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Abranches. Score is East Bengal 2-0 Mohammedan.

34': Josimar shot straight to Abhra's hand.

32': East Bengal corner. Chidi attempt but Luciano cleared.

30': Taro shot the ball Abhra interfere, ball wide off.

28': Robert pass the ball to Ralte, Ralte over hit.

24': Monirul Out Jerry Zirsanga In.

20': Yellow card To Chidi.

15': Raju Gaikwad shot straight towards Mohammedan goal post but it is in Baretto hand.

13': Penn take a shot, cleared by East Bengal defenders.

10': GOOOOOOOOOLLLL!! by Sueoka. Score is East Bengal 1-0 Mohammedan.

8': Raju Gaikwad and Arnab Mondal fight in the midfield.

5': Sueoka easily pass the ball to Chidi. But Chidi miss.

4': Mohammedan player attempt straight towards Goal post but failed.

1': First Starting attack by East Bengal.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': All players now worming up. I am koushik at kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

0': Match Starts in next few minutes.

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