17 February 2016 :

iLeague :Mohun Bagan 1-1 Shillong Lajong FC (Barasat Stadium, Barasat - Full Time)

Mohun Bagan : Debjit Majumdar, Katsumi Yusa, Kean Lewis, Bikramjit Singh, Sony Norde, Jeje Lalpekhlua, Cornell Glen, Sarthak Golui, Kinshuk Debnath, Luciano Sobrosa, Dhanachandra Singh.

Shillong Lajong FC : Vishal Kaith, Aiborlang Khongjee, Samuel Shadap, Uilliams Bomfim Souza, Jacob Lalrawngbawla, Fabio Henrique Pena, Zodingliana Ralte, Penn Orji, Chinglensana Konsham Singh, Soraisam Pritam Kumar Singh, Robin Gurung.

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90'+5': Full Time Score. Mohun Bagan 1-1 Shillong Lajong FC.

90'+3': Samuel Shadap OUT Redeem Tlang IN.

90'+1': Sony Norde with the ball and attack but ball hit the human wall and out.

90': Five minutes time added.

88': Dhanachandra Singh's long shot went over the crossbar.

87': Free kick for Mohun Bagan now cleared.

86': Uilliams Bomfim Souza now searching for another goal but his attempt went wide.

84': Zodingliana Ralte OUT Aibanbha Kupar Dohling IN.

83': Sony Norde to Balwant Singh whose shot missed the target.

82': Jacob Lalrawngbawla OUT Boithang Haokip.

80': Last ten minutes left to end scheduled time. Score now Mohun Bagan 1-1 Shillong Lajong FC.

78': Sarthak Golui's long shot straight to Vishal Kaith.

76': Katsumi Yusa and Jeje Lalpekhlua's combined attack swiftly cleared by Aiborlang Khongjee.

74': Yellow card shown to Penn Orji.

70': Uilliams Bomfim Souza's shot straight to Mohun Bagan keeper hand.

67': Fabio Henrique Pena's shot went over the crossbar.

65': Dhanachandra Singh's shot and Balwant Singh's header went over the crossbar.

63': Katsumi Yusa's movement blocked by Robin Gurung.

62': Balwant Singh block Penn Orji's movement.

60': Balwant Singh's shot straight to Shillong Lajong FC keeper hand.

58': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for Mohun Bagan by Jeje Lalpekhlua.

55': Sony Norde's corner kick goes out.

53': Cornell Glen OUT Balwant Singh IN.

51': Sony Norde to Jeje Lalpekhlua but before Jeje Lalpekhlua take any action Aiborlang Khongjee cleared the danger.

49': Uilliams Bomfim Souza's long shot straight to Debjit Majumdar.

47': Free kick for Mohun Bagan.

46': 2nd half starts. Kean Lewis OUT Souvik Chakraborty IN.

45'+2': Half Time. Score now Mohun Bagan 0-1 Shillong Lajong FC.

45'+1': Dhanachandra Singh's long pass to Jeje Lalpekhlua whose shot missed the target.

45': Two minutes time added.

44': Tussles between Jeje Lalpekhlua and Aiborlang Khongjee. Vishal Kaith easily cleared the danger.

42': Fabio Henrique Pena's movement blocked by Kinshuk Debnath.

40': Last five minutes left to end first half. Score now Mohun Bagan 0-1 Shillong Lajong FC.

37': Aiborlang Khongjee back pass to Vishal Kaith.

35': Sony Norde now with the ball and attack but failed to score.

34': Jacob Lalrawngbawla wins the ball from Bikramjit Singh and he lost it in no time as Katsumi Yusa support there.

32': Bikramjit Singh's long shot went to Vishal Kaith.

30': GOOOOOOAAAAAAALLLLL for Shillong Lajong FC by Chinglensana Konsham Singh.

29': Jeje Lalpekhlua's movement blocked by Aiborlang Khongjee and goes to Sony Norde whose shot cleared by Robin Gurung.

28': Zodingliana Ralte and Pritam Kumar combined attack failed to score.

25': Bikramjit Singh's movement blocked by Aiborlang Khongjee.

24': Sony Norde's shot straight to Shillong Lajong FC keeper hand.

22': Sony Norde attack from left side but Aiborlang Khongjee's touch ball goes corner.

21': Jeje Lalpekhlua missed a chance to score.

20': First twenty minutes over still score 0-0.

18': Kean Lewis now attack but Vishal Kaith cleared the danger before Sony Norde reach there.

16': Cornell Glen to Jeje Lalpekhlua to Bikramjit Singh whose shot went over the crossbar.

15': Jacob Lalrawngbawla attack from right side but Kinshuk Debnath headed it out.

13': Yellow card shown to Zodingliana Ralte.

12': Sarthak Golui well tackle to Zodingliana Ralte.

10': Penn Orji powerful shot missed the target.

8': Dhanachandra Singh to Cornell Glen whose left footed shot went wide.

7': Kinshuk Debnath brilliant tackle to Penn Orji's movement.

5': Penn Orji to Uilliams Bomfim Souza whose shot missed the target.

3': Uilliams Bomfim Souza attempt a long shot but ball went over the crossbar.

2': Sony Norde with the ball and attack but his shot cleared by Shillong Lajong FC defense.

1': Mohun Bagan first kick the ball and start.

0': Match Kick off now.

0': All players are going to the field. Match going to start.

0': Few more minutes to start today's match.

0': Match start from 7:05 PM IST.

0': I am Koushik at www.kolkatasports.com on Live Commentary.

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